Transform your life…be a mummy???

It’s Wednesday…that point in the week when I don’t mind stepping on a few toes so here it goes.
Transformations. Lifestyle changes. Weight loss. Skinny. These terms are thrown around so much these days that I think people forget that in order to transform or make a lifestyle change, you actually have to work..I mean, CHANGE something!
Yet here I see a lifestyle change (and I use this loosely) that only takes…OMG….less than an hour? (see pictures below) But this change requires me to wrap myself up like a baked potato or mummy (as I prefer) to magically melt away the pounds. Here are a few things I find disturbing about these “amazing” tools of transformation.

1. You become a mummy!
I don’t want to wrap myself in ceran-wrap like an ancient Egyptian to become skinny (we will debate “skinny” at a later time). I am sorry but it’s just ludicrous. But what is REALLY ludicrous…

2.They are expensive!
And by expensive, I mean $99 for 4 of them! I don’t know about you, but that is not even two months at my gym and I have unlimited access. I’ll stop there.

3. They have great “results” but they don’t last.
“Tightens, tones, & firms. Minimizes cellulite appearance…Results in as little as 45 minutes.” These are just a few of their claims. What they DON’T tell you is that these results are short lived. These wraps simply pull the water from your body so the changes only last until you eat or drink something (yes, food contains water).

4. They do nothing to actually transform more than the outside.
There is nothing about these things that actually encourages or guides users to make ANY sort of changes to their eating or exercise habits to make truly lasting results or transformations.
Temporarily dehydrating your skin does nothing to give you extra energy, boost your metabolism, or lower your body fat to make you truly healthy. A “lifestyle change” or “transformation” requires you to get up and work, to change your food choices, and change your way of thinking about life in general.

So before you go embalming yourself to “shed the pounds,” try actually changing your habits and save yourself some serious mullah…and maybe add a few enjoyable years to your life.

Get up and get healthy.