Oxymoron of the century- skinny = healthy

I have seen so many things so many things the last few weeks like “be skinny/healthy” or “wanna get skinny and in shape?” It is not something I haven’t heard before although I am concerned with how much this is getting thrown around. If I were to get a nickel for every time I have been asked how I “stay so skinny” and what my secrets are, I would be rich.

Let me start by clarifying this by getting on my proverbial soap box for a few minutes. Merriam-Webster defines skinny as “lacking sufficient flesh: very thin: emaciated: lacking usual or desirable bulk, quantity, qualities, or significance.” I don’t know about you, but I don’t see this word as something I want describing me. Honestly, what person in their right mind would truly desire to look “emaciated” or in other words, starving to death? Being thin or “skinny” is portrayed in media as something attractive as it is seen so often in print and on the runway but that is no way to live life. Even some fitness competitors and models appear skinny in their photo shoots that they have during competition season where they are keeping their body fat percentage extremely low. This is not a lifestyle that can be maintained for very long without serious repercussions.

Interpretation: SKINNY IS NOT HEALTHY!!!

If you were to see a fitness competitor in her “off season” between competitions, she might even look a little overweight to the average person. A lifestyle of “skinny” whether unhealthy or fit-skinny cannot be maintained! It is a rather unreasonable goal yet it is one that is sought after by many women in today’s society. I, for one, am not skinny. Fit? –yes, but skinny, absolutely not! It surprises a lot of people to know that at 5’ 8”, I weigh in around 135-140 pounds. Those who simply see my stats without seeing me think I am incredibly chunky. I will let you be the judge from my photos.

Now to get back to the question on how I stay “skinny”- just like beauty, “skinny” is in the eye of the beholder. Therefore, if you see my body as skinny, I will give you my secrets on how I stay the way I am. I do it by eating clean and exercising on a regular basis. Yes, that is my secret in a nutshell. My goals may be different than those of the average person who may desire to tone or even bulk up (build muscle). However, the same rules apply. One does not simply go from the couch to doing 10 full pull-ups in a day. It takes time, effort, and dedication. I have formed a habit of eating properly and working out regularly. This habit is what gets me through times where I get the urge to frequent a fast-food restaurant when hunger hits. It also keeps me going to the gym daily even when unpredictable weather conditions make it less than pleasant to leave the house with my little ones in tow. Yes, there are days when I would much rather get that extra hour of sleep or laze about in my pajamas all day but the benefits of staying active and getting my booty in gear far outweigh a day of laziness.

Fitness is a lifestyle for me, not a fad and it can be the same for anyone. If a person want something badly enough, he or she will undoubtedly make it possible through whatever means necessary and do so in a truly HEALTHY way.