Confessions of a Personal Trainer: we like to have friends too.

Contrary to popular belief, you can be friends with a trainer too. I know, I know…you are all thinking it. “But you’ll just sit there and critique me and even though you aren’t saying it, you are secretly dreaming of putting me through a torturous workout to burn off my unsightly areas.” You couldn’t be more wrong!

I don’t know what drives them to but I cannot count the number of times someone has walked by me with a plate of food at a function of some sort, made eye contact with me, and said, “I’m getting back to the gym next week” or “I am going to get back on the wagon.” At no point did I ever even glance at these plates of food much less judge the contents. I have learned to refrain from making a lot of eye contact in these situations. Yes, you all see me as a gym obsessed weirdo who eats strange things and a lot of it, cooks in even stranger ways, and may or may not show up to various things wearing gym clothes. Does this somehow make me less than human? To some, maybe, but really I am no different than the next girl.

How can we still be friends? Really, we can be friends just like everyone else. The bane of my existence is NOT to workout constantly or to make those around me feel bad about themselves. Trainers like to have friends just as much as the next person. We don’t want to constantly talk about our job and fitness or be known as the person you only talk to when you want to lose your love handles. Sure, if it comes up in conversation, we may venture out to talk about it (especially if it’s to attempt to correct a misconception on the subject) but this is always a painful situation since we are constantly cringing, waiting for the eye rolls, snide remarks, and mock confessions. If you ask me what I have been up to and my answer includes the words “I went to the gym,” I am not trying to force you into hiring me. I am not trying to guilt you about your lifestyle and eating habits. I am simply answering the question in the same way anyone else would.

We enjoy what we do but at times, it costs us the connections we crave in our lives. We often find ourselves the butt of any joke about fitness or fat, whether we are present to hear it or not. We are laughed at for our methods and while we wouldn’t change them for anything, it is still difficult to constantly be the outsider. The next time you talk to one of us, remember we are just as human as you and before we get caught up in another controversy or joke about our lifestyle, we just want to have be treated like the normal people we are.